Friday, August 18, 2006

Have 30 minutes to kill?

Make a table top of all poker chips. It's not that difficult. You just need two people (or one if you're doing this all alone), two sets of poker chips, and a camera club topic of "zig-zag"

DBF and I have been competing in this A-Z competition. It's been kinda fun, but we have certain topics for each letter already picked out. A was automobile, B bridge, etc... We got to Z and we needed a zig-zag. How do you get one? Create it yourself of course! It really does make a cool pattern.
So I left this on my dining room table so that I can get some film shots of it this afternoon after work. It's just fascinating me. That and it took a while to set up, so taking it immediately down didn't appeal to me.
That was a lot of poker chips too. It was still fun to set up. I'm just fascinated by the colors and patterns.

We had too much time on our hands last night. Knitting? You want pictures of knitting? Not much has changed with any of my WIPs. Unfortunately, my hands have been giving me a problem now. My pinky and ring fingers on my right hand are going numb when I do repeated motions like knitting, typing, or clicking the mouse. I wear a brace at work, but I may have to go to that at home when knitting as well. I'll go see what the doctor thinks should be done. Blah.

Have a great weekend, everyone. Knit, crochet, play Magic, poker, or whatever your fancy is and have fun.

Knit on...

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