Friday, August 04, 2006

May I have your attention, please?!

Knitting Magic Girl has turned her first heel on her first sock.

I repeat, the heel has been turned!

I started to look at my sad and lonely sock this morning, sitting on my desk, half-buried under bernat baby coordinates blanket in progress, and I decided the sock should travel to work with me today. So the sock was put in the purse along with the MDK nighty in progress and we headed to the office. I sat down and realized I was really early for once, so I decided, what the heck, let's do this thing.

5 minutes later, I have a heel. The heel has been turned.

Now, will someone explain to me why I have been fearing socks for so long. Albeit it was boring knitting until turning that heel, but it was very easy. Do you get addicted to socks after you turn your first heel? Because now I want to finish this sucker and start on the next one.

This must be the phenomenon that is sock knitting. Kathy told me that the phenomenon hit her many years ago. I now understand. The earth may return to its peaceful state now. Who knows, I might have a sock done by the end of this weekend.

Knit on...

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littledevilworks said...

Yes.. I avoided knitting anything other than square and rectangular pieces (blankets and scarves) for YEARS. Then suddenly I was like "wow socks are easy... I can do this!"