Tuesday, August 22, 2006

A sad, sad day

Sorry there was no post yesterday. I wasn't supposed to be on the computer, so I took a day off of work to rest my hand. I went to the doctor yesterday about the carpal tunnel symptoms and here's the verdict...

No knitting until I get to the neurologist. Blah. It might be 3 months from now. Blah blah.

They took x-rays of my hand yesterday and it turns out that I had two stress fractures in my wrist that had healed up from several years ago. Appears to be softball related. Once again, softball injuries come back to haunt me. Anyways, they probably aren't the problem, but have to go to the neurologist to make sure they're not pinching the nerve.

So, I will be working on needlepoint and cross-stitch for a while it looks like. At least I can do that in my brace. I also have to learn to use a mouse left-handed. Blah.

On the bright side, meet my new pet: Spooky
Spooky was a loner, so I had to get her. She didn't get along well with the other bunnies, so she was being kept with the guinea pigs and was queen of the pen. She just had to come home with me. So, why named Spooky? This rabbit is quite jumpy. She hears a noise, or not, and she jumps right into the air and runs around like mad. Is this normal rabbit behaviour? Anyways, she's adorable.

She didn't want to cooperate her first day home, but she's starting to warm up to me and DBF. DBF sat on the floor and just petted her for 10 minutes. The bunny was in heaven :o)

Knit on...and needlepoint too...

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