Tuesday, August 15, 2006

My New Toy

Meet my new toy! Grandpa surprised me when I came home from work last night with a moving-out present. There, sitting on the table was this:

A home-made swift! It's huge, but it has movable pegs to adjust for the size skein of yarn. He got the pattern from here: http://www.craftydiversions.com/yarnswift.pdf

So, I immediately had to try it out of course! So, I wound a little yarn onto the ball winder and wound a little bit:

This is my New England Highland Wool which will become the plate tectonics scarf one day. Then I let her whirl:

Go Swift, Go! Grandpa said it took him about 30 mintes to make and a grand total of 8 bucks (I offered to pay him for it, so he told me how little it cost!) He did modify the instructions a little bit and made the base a little heavier and the swift arms a little deeper so that the thing wouldn't run all over the table when in use. I was just thrilled when I saw it!

After that, I went and played poker. I did OK, but one guy was making fun of me knitting at the table. So of course I had to put him out of the tournament. They all warned him that I was a good player, but he wouldn't take their advice. He saw me as a knitter who was just there because her DBF was there. True, I go there to hang out with DBF, but if he can't make it for some reason, I still go out because I usually like to play poker. So, I knit on my heel flap for the socks for mom and the flop comes up Q 6 6. I have Q 6 in my hand. Turns out he had the other 6, so he goes all in and I quickly call. Damn knitters :oP You just can't read them!

So, in my dreams of grandeaur, one day I shall make it to the WPT and I will be knitting at the final table. The next year, Ivy, Helmouth, Ferguson, and all the other big names will be knitting :oP

No pictures of the short socks for mom, but I'll get some of those tonight when I'm...MOVING! Yes, I am moving out tonight and into the new house. I will have pictures of that as well. I won't be able to get totally moved, but I will get the basics in there for certain tonight. All I need are my pills, alarm clock, and some clothes :oP

Anyways, I should get to work I suppose.

Knit on...

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anne said...

Congrats on your new yarn swift! :) You're lucky to have such an awesome and lucky grandfather!