Thursday, August 10, 2006

Of Chinese Food and Bathing Suits

Why have I been going to Walmart so much here recently? Is it because I'm broke? Probably. Anyways, I picked up a bathing suit there last night for 9 bucks total. It's a bikini (yikes and run under the bed!), but it has a coverup and I imagine I will be in need of a tank top to cover the top of it. So allow me to rant.

Dear Bathing Suit Designers:

I like bikini tops. One pieces don't do well for me, but I have one complaint about your sizing. When you say something is an XL, it looks more like a slightly bigger wedge of fabric than the L. Problem is, I am a 40D sized gal over here. I need something that covers a little more than my nipple.

Could you actually make bra tops that cover most of my boob so that I don't have to wear a tank top over it? Thank you.

So after the Walmart expedition, DBF and I had a very nice dinner at Dragon Garden. It's an all you can eat Chinese Food place with crab legs always on the menu. They weren't has good last night, but the crab rangoon was out of this world as usual. That might explain why I woke up with heart burn this morning.

It was just a nice quiet evening with DBF and it was very nice. I left work early yesterday because of a doctor appointment (my back is fine to let everyone know. No new herniations or anything) and then went over to DBF's house where we watched the movie Clue. I forgot how dorky the movie is, but it was fun to watch. Took a nap then began the trek to Walmart.

Tomorrow is the work picnic. I will bring a camera so that I can get incriminating photos of all my coworkers to use when the time is right :oP

Knit on...

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