Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The New House

No pictures for this post, sorry. It was dark by the time I got to start moving in and I was a lazy ass, so no interior pictures. I moved in a load of my crap last night and spent the night in my new place. The bed is really hard, so my back is not too happy this morning, but I'll live.

I unpacked the necessities: food, clothes, soap, yarn, you get the idea. I have some more empty bins I can take back and stick more crap in, so I'll be doing that today. I've decided I'm taking a half day today so I can work on moving all this crap because this weekend, I'll need to sort through everything.

I turned the heel on my mom's sock and am now working on the instep decreases, so that's about it in knitting news. I'll try to get pictures of the place today while it's still daylight out. For now, I better get a bunch of work done before I go home.

Knit on...

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