Thursday, August 17, 2006

Of Move-Ins and Sleep

I'm still bringing crap over from my other place to the new house. It amazes me how much crap can accumulate in 4 years, and then, how much crap I managed to cram into one room. Oh well. Here's the new house pictures:
The front, with a nice sunbeam coming out to greet me last night.
The view from the back porch.
The kitchen.
The living room, wait, it is there, it's just behind all those boxes...
Master Bedroom. This bed is as hard as a rock, so I haven't been sleeping all that well on it. Not so much not sleeping, but rather just waking up tired and with a sore back. Oh well. Sorry, no bathroom pictures or any more house pictures. I won't laden down your computer with images. once I get everything put up, I might add some more to this mess. Last, but not least, the sock for my mom:

Yeah, it's a crappy picture, but what do you expect for 6:45 AM? Be glad you even get to see it :oP It's an ankle sock and it's pretty tiny anyways.

Better get to work.

Knit on...

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