Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Behold, A Knitting Post

Lo and behold, I do still knit! I even have a picture to prove it today! It's not all about Magic right now. I have to see if I get some cards off ebay first and then I'll be about Magic again :oP Here's how much I got done at poker last night: It's about 4-5 inches, so at least it's more than I had before.

So last night after mowing the lawn and brushing Spooky for about 30 minutes, I decided that I needed to start taking other things to knit on to poker. I grabbed DBF's sweater and headed out the door to go try and win a tournament. As I knit back and forth on the back panel of the cape cod pullover, I watched the crappy cards just go right on by me. Yep, crap, lots and lots of crap.

I finally decided to play crap and won a hand. I continued to knit.

Final table and I'm heads up against another chick. Hm, is KQ good when heads up? I decided that it was, so all in I go. She calls with QJ. I hit a King and I finish a row on the sweater. Only way that could have gone any better is if DBF was there last night. He started his new job last night and I'm just praying he gets something first shift. Good vibes and thoughts for him would be much appreciated right now.

So as I was sitting there with my two giant wooden dice that I won, I started thinking...what would happen if a knitter won the World Series of Poker? I think it would go something like this:

"Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the final table at the World Series of Poker. Our final two players are Phil Helmouth and Knitting Magic Girl. This Knitting Magic Girl has taken the poker scene by storm. It seems players can't read her because, well, she knits the entire time!"

Phil Helmouth looks down to pocket Kings. "All in" he says.

Knitting Magic Girl looks down to Aces. "Call" she says as she works here K2P2 ribbing.

"Can you believe this? She's got him covered and it's almost all over. That's it, the knitter wins the tournament!"

Next year, you see a whole final table of men and women knitting garter stitch scarves, sitting in silence, making sure they don't drop a stitch. The clicking of needles is all you hear and the TV series is cancelled because people get annoyed with the clicking :oP

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