Monday, October 30, 2006

A Weekend of Magic

OK, so as any of you know who have read my blog for any length of time, I play Magic. I'm decent at Magic, but I'm not the best player in the state either. But you know, seeing a woman win the state title would have been pretty cool, so DBF and I headed to Louisville this weekend for the Type 2 Kentucky State Champs. Here's my report:

First off, I ended up going 2-3-1 for the day. I should have dropped after going 2-2-1, but I decided to play another round anyways and ended up playing against the exact same freaking deck the next round. So against U/W Sacred Mesa, I went 0-1-1. Not too good. First round, I have to play a basic solar flare deck. I enjoyed playing against this match up since I was playing Solar Pox. I poxed a few times, so that was good. Then a card that I never would have expected came out to play...Counterbalance. Now my deck runs huge casting things like Angel of Despair and Akroma, so I wasn't too worried about it. I already knew he had the angels too, but there's only 4 total of them in the deck (2 Despair, 2 Akroma). I go to play an Angel of Despair and he flips over this with his counterbalance:

Hm, seven casting cost angel, seven casting cost debtors' knell...OK, angel countered. Blah. I still won the match 2-0, so it didn't hurt me that bad. But of all the odds of him flipping that one over...

Second round I had my arse handed to me by R/G land destruction. Getting mana screwed against land destruction sucks majorly.

Third round I demolish U/G control. Akroma good, mmmkay? Always fun.

Fourth round, I have to play Clay, who top 8s in major tourneys all the time. He's a good player and I get screwed by this:

Yeah, I only have four basic lands in my deck out of 25 lands...not good. I scooped.

Fifth round I have to play Tony. He's playing U/W Mesa and we wind up in a third game draw. First game I poxed turn two and he couldn't recover. Second game, he removed my graveyard with Tormad's Crypt. Third game, it just would never end...

Sixth round, I play the same deck again and draw nothing but land. That sucked. So, I dropped out, knowing I couldn't top 8 with that record. DBF ended up going 3-3, so at least he was even. Turns out that a Magnivore deck won the whole shebang. That was definitely not what I expected.

Knitting? You mean you read through the entire Magic section and want to know what's going on knitting-wise? Yeah, DBF's sweater is 21 inches long now, needs to be about 25 I think. I should have the front panel done tonight and maybe the back panel (made it too short originally, so I have to add about 3 more inches to it). I hope to finish my dad's cardigan either tomorrow night or Wednesday and be working on the sleeves of DBF's sweater by tomorrow night after poker tonight. DBF's secret project has been put on hold for the moment until I get all the other Christmas projects done. I also got some merino roving in from ebay. I didn't expect to win the auction for the rovings, but I did, so I won't complain. 99 cents for 100 grams of roving isn't too bad, especially with it being merino :oP

I'll have knitting pictures tomorrow as well. I would post some today, but blogger seems to be done with allowing me to post pictures.

Knit on...

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