Monday, October 23, 2006


Yep, we even went to Dollywood for free on the trip! Here are the pictures:

DBf doing a fine job of holding the map there.

Thunderhead wooden roller coaster. We rode twice in a row and ended up buying a really cool picture from the ride photos. DBF looked awesome in it and I kinda look cool in it. Once it's scanned in, I'll post a picture. It was too funny.

Mr. Bald Eagle posing ever so patriotically for my camera. I wish I had my real camera and not just the crummy digital there with me. This is a picture I told DBF I wished I had the camera for, one of the only ones for the whole trip.

The Dollywood Express coal-fired train.

It's hard to tell, but yes, those are Christmas trees sitting behind the fountain. Why they have Christmas trees sitting out on OCTOBER 21 I have no earthly idea...

Up next: The Show Must Go On

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