Thursday, October 05, 2006

I came, I saw, I cleaned

That's what I did last night. I cleaned the house. Terribly exciting I know, but it needed to be done. I dried the last load of clothes, I scrubbed the kitchen floor, cleaned off the table, organized the mail for the house owners, picked up some trash in the front room, cleaned up the bedroom, and even did the dishes. I was tired at the end of the night and ended up crashing at 10. It's later than I have been staying up the past few nights at least and I don't feel as tired this morning. I should have taken before and after photos of the cleaning, but I didn't.

I will throw a token knitting picture at you at least today.

Behold, the blurry sock! I didn't work on this yesterday, but I did work on the second panel of DBF's sweater and a little on his pair of socks. Both of these are at home this morning and I didn't feel like taking pictures of them, so I grabbed the sock that was in my purse and took a picture of it at work. There you go, proof that I do actually knit some. I'm trying to get everything organized for Christmas presents. Too many people to knit for.

Today the cardboard crack, AKA Time Spiral for Magic: the Gathering comes out. DBF is picking up the cards at 10ish today, so I'm salivating at opening this new set. I really liked what I saw at the pre-release and can't wait to see the rest. So, I'm actually going to talk about Magic for a minute here. Knitters, you can tune out if you don't like this part. No more knitting news for today unless the ball of sock yarn starts singing to me like it did over at the Panopticon.

So Solar Flare seems to be a huge deck type right now. It Wraths away everything early game so that you can set up the board in your favor with cards like Adarkar Valkyrie, Angel of Despair, and Kokushu. However, the legend lands and Kokushu rotate out at the end of this month. So what will replace that? Akroma maybe? I think we're about to see an Akroma overdose now. That and Psionic Blast. A blue Char seems pretty darned good in this format right now. red maybe?

The reason I wonder this is because the Kentucky State Championship is coming up at the end of this month. It's a T2, so I have to come up with my own deck. I haven't been too good at this lately (Niv-Mizzet, I'm sorry, I really tried to make that deck work!) and have been net-decking for tournaments such as at Origins. Problem is that this will be the first tournament that Champions block will be gone and Time Spiral will be legal. Whatever shall a Magic player do? I guess DBF and I better get to studying and playing some. Maybe this weekend once the cards are all opened.

Anyhoo, that's it for today. Knitting and Magic in one post! Ta-da!

Knit on...

And open up some Time Spiral :oP

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