Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Repeat After Me

"I do not have to buy yarn every time I go into a yarn store."

Yet I do. I have to stop that because we're now meeting at said store once a week for the Tuesday afternoon SNB. Blah. On the bright side, it was on sale!

What did I buy? Trekking XXL sock yarn for DBF's new pair of socks since I still haven't brought myself to rip out the other one yet. It's in this colorway:

It's nice and soft and very typical of the trekking line. I like it, so hopefully he'll like it when it gets done.

I went out really quick at poker last night. Barely even had any time to knit on the slipper sock. Oh well.

I have to go work on my presentation for class now. I just got an email from my advisor and once again I have to change a few things...

Knit on...

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