Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween and Samhain to you all! Tonight I will dress up as a witch, pass out candy from my plastic cauldron, and perhaps do some knitting in between. I live on a street full of kids, so I'm expecting quite a few to come by tonight. We'll see. I also have two pumpkins that need carving (I mainly just want the seeds out of there so I can roast them) before tonight, so guess what I'm going to work on once I get home!

Last night was dedicated to getting stuff ready for the camera club annual print show. I didn't have any pictures that just really stood out to me for the show this year, so I grabbed five that I thought were decent enough and took them over to DBF's mom to have her print them. I think I used all my good shots last year at the print show! I think this year I will have an impressionistic flower in abstract, a bridge in Cincinnati for Hand of Man Pictoral, either a sunset or a fall foliage seen for Natural Pictoral, a goose with goslings for Fauna and a weird yellow flower for Flora. I won't win anything more than likely. I really think my impressionistic flower may have a shot for abstract, but I'm sure that the other things are doomed in the categories they're in. We'll see. I'm to the point of not caring.

I did very little knitting last night on dad's cardigan and no knitting on DBF's sweater. Today is SnB at lunch though, so I should be able to finish DBF's front panel of the sweater. I just need to do some neck shaping and I should be done. Here's a craptapulous picture of the sweater in progress:

It doesn't show you much since my camera sucks, but look, progress has been made! Huzzah!

I wore my witch hat into work today and brought my cape. We have a budget crisis right now, so we didn't get a Halloween party this year. I decided to dress up anyways. Take that, budget crisis!

Knit on...

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