Friday, October 13, 2006

Friday the 13th and WIPS

It's WIP it out Friday here at Magic Knits! I know you all can't wait to see the blurry pictures that my camera is so well known for. Well, without further ado, allow me to show you blurry WIP number one:
DBF's sweater with the lovely Aquafina bottle to give you an idea of the size. It's around 6 inches tall now. Here's a blurry close-up of the pattern stitch:

It's multiples of three rows garter stitch, four rows stockinette, and six rows garter stitch. You know, the sweater picture looks good on the model, but I'm just not sure how this is going to look on DBF. If he tries it on and hates it, I'll donate it to goodwill or see if someone else in the family wants it :oP Maybe once the whole thing gets put together it'll look a little better. It's the Cape Cod Pullover from

Finally, last night, in the midst of all my coughing and hacking, I was inspired by the Yarn Harlot to do some spinning. Her scarf came out so well that I just had to pick up my ashford top whorl drop spindle and spin a nice thin single. It's hard to see, but I really spun pretty consistantly on this one so far:

And yes, you have been seeing my voodoo wrist warmers in the picture. It's still pretty cold. I know it's not Canada cold yet, but hell, it's still cold to me, this coming from the former Floridian.

I don't have a picture of it, but I started on my dad's cardigan for Christmas. I normally hate petro yarns, but this wool-ease thick and quick is actually working up rather nice, and well, quick. I just know since this is going to my dad that the thing has to be washable, and it has to be cheap because I don't want to hear him say he stuck a 200 dollar cardigan into the washer and it got destroyed. Maybe one day they'll get something nicer. Right now, as I'm working on DBF's sweater, I keep thinking that I wish I had made it out of alpaca. He would appreciate the alpaca since he visited Peru and even got a nice alpaca sweater while he was there. Maybe I'll find a pattern I like one of these days and make him one.

Anyways, I should get some work done. All the bosses are back from their meetings and I'm sure in typical Friday fashion, they will dump some stuff on me at 3 this afternoon, expecting it to be done by 5, knowing that I leave at 4. Have a good weekend, everyone.

Oh, and don't forget about it being Friday the 13th :oP

Knit on...

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