Thursday, October 19, 2006

You spin me right 'round baby, right 'round

So last night I made the hike up to G-town to visit Stone's Throw Artisans. They are such nice people there. Anyways, I went in, asked for instruction on how to use the Traveller spinning wheel, bought a pound of white fiber with some blackish-gray streaks in it and began to spin. I spun two wonky singles (hey, it's my first time on a wheel, I'll get better) and then ran out of time for me to ply them together. I quickly wound the two singles into two balls and went home. Next time, I'm buying my own bobbins so that I can take them home and then ply them the next week instead of doing what I did last night.

Not wanting to leave the yarn unfinished, I came home and picked up Mr. Drop Spindle and proceeded to ply the singles together. It started out rough, but by the time I got mid-way, I started getting the hang of it. This would have been much easier had I left the singles on the bobbin and plied them at the store. Next time, next time...

So here is the end result:

Like I said, very wonky yarn. It'll do for a scarf though. I'll think of it as "novelty yarn". I started getting much better with my singles on the second bobbin, so hopefully I'll just get better and better each week that I go there. Time shall tell.

Spooky also had a strange fascination with watching me wind the yarn off the drop spindle. She kept running around and chasing the spindle as I whirled it around the upside-down table in the front room. She wasn't interested in the yarn, just the wooden spindle. I'm sure she thought it was a chew toy. She thinks everything in the house is a chew toy after all.

I shall be on vacation starting tomorrow, so no posts until Monday. Hopefully then I'll have lots of pictures and stories to tell. Have a great weekend, everyone!

Knit on...

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