Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Curves Update and ::snore::

So I went to Curves after work yesterday and weighed in for my official weigh in time. I'm down another 2 pounds now! That makes six so far and a ton more to go, but at least it's 6 so far. I'm pretty happy with that needless to say.

I came home after working out and had a nice dinner of glazed salmon with DBF. It was pretty good salmon too and I certainly can't beat the company I had with it. After dinner he left for poker and I left for my Curves class. Only 3 more weeks and I can go back to poker on Mondays!

Anyone out there been on Curves or tried their protein shake? We got a two week supply of the shake when we first started up the class, but I ran out (two weeks later, imagine that...) and bought another container of it last night. 20 freaking dollars! So here's my question: Has anyone found a good shake substitute? It's loaded with vitamins, minerals, and of course protein. Should I mosey on down to GNC one day and take my little jug with me and see if I can find something? I like the taste of it, but I can't afford 40 bucks a month for just a protein shake! Any suggestions would be most welcomed.

So after my weight loss class last night (we learned about phase 3, but I feel I am a long way from getting on phase 3), I came home and washed the dishes and packed lunch for today. Now this would normally be a time where I could knit for a while before going to sleep. Did I knit? Nope. Did I sleep? Oh hell yeah.

I went to bed at 9:15ish last night. I have been going to bed between 10-11 most nights, so no telling why I was so sleepy last night. I guess maybe it was staying up past midnight the night before. Oh well.

I'll knit today, I swear. SNB meets at lunch, so I'll pop over there and force myself to finish a pair of socks.

Knit on...

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