Friday, October 06, 2006

Dear Akroma, Angel of Wrath

Why did you hate me so much when Legions came out? I opened up several boxes of Legions and I never even once saw your face. DBF almost traded to get one of you for me because I think I complained enough about not seeing you, but the card up for grabs was pretty beat up, so no Akroma for me. I am still picky when it comes to cards.

I just wanted to say thank you for showing your purple haired face last evening for the first time. You even graced me in a shiny form, and for that I am grateful. Now if you could please send me some dragonstorms, gemstone mines, arenas, and maybe even a shiny whirling dirbish, I would greatly appreciate it.


Knitting Magic Girl

OK, so I opened cards last night. Are you all surprised? You shouldn't be. I opened two of the three boxes and even a fat pack, so I've got one more to open and savor before the great card sorting begins.

Knitting? You mean you want to hear about knitting? I finished the sock I have been working on last night. My camera died this morning and I didn't have time to go get batteries, so you'll have to settle for pictures on Monday, sorry. Yesterday was about Magic, so knitting had to be put aside until poker.

Knit on...

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