Friday, October 27, 2006

Of Dumplings and Poker

So yesterday I get an email through my inbox from one of the local SnBers saying they needed to get out for lunch. Seeing as I was sitting in my office, looking at the potato I was about to cook for lunch, I said sure, why not? We decided to go to a little hole in the wall Korean place that happened to also be right next door to my favorite LYS, ReBelle. They had about 13 different things you could order from Korean BBQ (not as appetizing looking as it usually is) to vegetarian noodles. I ended up going with the steamed pork dumplings.

Now I was slightly leery of the dumplings because DBF ate quite a few in China and they didn't like his stomach that well. I ate them anyways since I had never had steamed dumplings before and they looked rather good. I grabbed some 筷子 and proceeded to gorge myself on these dumplings. They were extemely good. Better than good. They were awesome.

Yeah, I avoided the kamchi (not sure if I spelled that correctly) like the plague.

As the hours progressed, I could feel my stomach digesting the food, but it was not getting upset with me for eating it either. I will have to go get more of these dumplings, but not until at least next week. I'm very broke until I get paid in a week. My last 45 bucks is going towards cardboard crack, aka Magic, this weekend.

I went to play poker last night, but I was only there for about 20 minutes. I'm in the blinds and no one raised, so I check to see the flop. I have 4 7 off suit. Glad no one raised. Anyways, the flop comes up 2 3 5. Well, holy hell, I'm open ended. Someone raises that crap, so I go all in seeing as I'm open ended. He flips over two pair. The guy is playing 2 3 suited...pre-flop...not in the blinds...what the hell...

I don't hit an A or a 6, so I picked up my knitting, called to Kim to say I was out (she looked rather surprised as did many of them) and ran over to my grandparents to pick up my mail, then went home and began to pull cards for a Magic deck that I felt was very important to test out tonight: Solar Pox. It won a major tournament here recently which means that lots of people are going to be playing it at States tomorrow. The question now is, can we beat it or should we join it? Tonight shall tell. I hope we can beat it, because I really don't have the money to try to throw that deck together (I need 3 watery grave, 3 godless shrine, 1 angel of despair and 1 flagstones of troikar to copy it card for card).

Knitting? Oh yeah, you may want to know about knitting. I'm still working on DBF's sweater. I've almost got the front panel done now, so it'll be on to the sleeves pretty soon. I'm very much wanting it to be done. I need a finished project now. It seems like it's been so long since I've finished something. I've got the back panel and the left front panel of my dad's Christmas cardigan done and I'm working on the right panel too, so it's getting there as well. That's out of super chunky yarn though, so it goes a lot faster than DBF's sweater is going at the moment. Oh well, they'll both be done eventually and then it'll be on to mom's cardigan. No clue what to do for Grandma in Florida, or Grandma and Grandpa. We'll see if any patterns come popping out. They all may get super chunky cardigans this year :oP

Have a great weekend everyone. Good luck in Magic states, but not too much luck if you're playing against me or DBF :oP

Knit on...

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