Thursday, October 26, 2006


So a few times yesterday when I told some coworkers that I was going to go spinning, they asked me if I had lost any weight. Confusedly I said yeah, I've lost about 6 pounds, why do you ask? Then they replied, well, you said you were going spinning tonight.

The red hairs finally lost their shade of blonde when I realized that they thought I was going to go work out at a gym and use one of their exercise bikes. I just smiled and walked away. Yeah, I don't do gyms that well.

Spinning on a spinning wheel however, I seem to be getting down. I put a down payment on my Christmas wheel last night. I'm getting the Ashford Traveller, double drive, laquered finish. I'm excited. It's just like the one I've been using, only newer. Last night I spun for about 2 hours and finished this:

Two bobbins worth of singles. They're a little slubbier than last time, but I chalk that up to being rushed at the store. Two hours is just not enough time to spin two bobbins and ply them like I would like to do. Maybe once I get more proficient at it, I'll be able to finish more. Anyways, those are my own two bobbins. I picked them up yesterday so that I didn't have to unwind the singles at the store and could ply them the next time I go and use the wheel. I won't be going next Wednesday because:

Poker! You guessed it. There's a free tournament where the grand prize is 100 bucks. Of course I have to go play in that one. I wish it were on any other night but Wednesday.

Now my attention has shifted to my Magic side for the rest of this week. The Kentucky State Champs are this weekend for Magic and I have to figure out what deck I'm going to play. I really hate to play Gruul Beats, but it may be my only chance at winning. I like my blue/white janky deck, but it's not consistent enough to win 70% of my games. I also like thallids right now. The deck really surprised me the other day. The question is, can it survive things like Solar Flare, Blue/Green mystic decks, blue/white decks, or Gruul? That's what playtesting is for. I'm going to make a few changes to it tonight and then work on a sideboard for the three decks I have built. I will probably try to tweak that blue/white deck some more too. I need mana acceleration for it. I have a feeling that Friday after work it's going to be major playtest time with DBF. We'll probably both end up playing Gruul even after working on all these new decks :oP

Knit on...

And play some Magic too...

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robyn said...

Thanks for the tip about the traveler. I just sent a shameless email to everyone in my family begging for them to go get one before Halloween. We will see how it works out.