Monday, October 09, 2006

So the weekend...

Um, could someone please explain to me where the weekend went? I woke up this morning thinking that a three day weekend would be very nice right now. Oh well, at least some stuff got done this weekend.

On Saturday, DBF and I sorted cards. I was originally going to have to babysit for my thesis advisor, but we got a call about 15 minutes before we were going to have to leave saying that she was sick and that they were going to cancel their plans. Drat to the loss of money, but hooray to a free evening! So DBF and I thought for a while about what to do that evening and then it dawned on me that I had seen an advertisment saying that Alonzo Bodden, the winner of the 3rd season of Last Comic Standing, was going to be at the local comedy club. So on a whim, we drove out there to see if we could get tickets. We did!

So DBF and I went to Tony Roma's to gorge ourselves on ribs. After dinner we waddled over to the club and sat with over 100 other people, probably closer to 200, and waited for him to come out. The opening act was pretty meh, but the featured act was good. His name was John Evans and he was very funny. Go out and buy a CD from him. He's from LA I believe. Alonzo then came out and did this hysterical routine about midgets that either was so damn funny I kept laughing or I was just feeling the three glasses of wine. I'll go with both.

He signed our tickets at the end of the night, so DBF and I were quite happy with that. We might go buy his DVD called Tall, Dark, and Funny. We would have bought it there, but we were short 2 bucks. Stupid expensive drinks! Oh well.

Sunday we continued to sort cards and each built new decks. We have to do some major practising before the State Champs for T2 coming up in 3 weeks. I built a blue/white control deck that I think really does have quite a bit of potential. However, my mana base seems to be off. I keep getting mana screwed, so something needs to be done there. That and I've got to find a way to get rid of weenie hords aside from Wrath of God.

The best card so far in playtesting though that really surprised me? Draining Whelk.

On the knitting front, I have been working on DBF's sweater this weekend. I really need to get that done so I can start working on other Christmas presents. I need to go buy yarn for mom and dad's stuff. I think I've got enough for everything else. At least I can get cheap yarn for them. They won't hand wash anything, so I won't get them anything that would really hurt my feelings if it got destroyed in the washer.

DBf starts his new job today. I'm glad he was able to get a new job, but I wish that it didn't have to be second shift. Hopefully he'll get a better offer here soon.

Pictures of knitting tomorrow, I promise!

Knit on...

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