Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Crappy Prizes

Yes, that is my complaint for today. I didn't win any of the prizes, but DBF did last night. He won a bowling party from the place we play poker at, but it's so limited that it ended up being the crappiest prize there. It was just worth more than the 6th place prize, so it ended up being for 5th. Blah. At least he finished fifth and got something, but it would have been nice if he had gotten a better prize for it.

Me? Yeah, I was out before the final table. AQ suited looks good until the big chip stack calls with pocket kings. Blah.

Knitting news! Yes, there is knitting news today, with pictures and everything. So here goes:
Dad's finished cardigan, but the thing is so dark, it barely even shows up. It looks good, trust me :oP
A little something I've been working on with the spinning where's the dye? Here's the skein of yarn I made yesterday and I now feel the need to make more of it because I want, no, NEED something made out of this. I'm calling the colorway Ice Princess:
Close Up:
100 percent merino wool. A single spun with tourquois and a single spun with plain old white then plied together to make a bulky weight yarn. The other white yarn up top is closer to a heavy worsted weight. I wanted to spin some merino before working on the kid mohair/merino blend that Erica sent me so I didn't screw it up. I would really hate to screw up good roving. Another interesting occurrence at my house yesterday:

Spooky will not leave the roving alone. There's no angora in there, but I guess the smell of other animal fiber makes her go crazy. Go figure. She eventually crawled into the bag and then freaked out, but I was laughing too hard to get that picture. Silly rabbit, roving is for people!

Tonight is the last of the final tournaments for the poker league. DBF and I will once again try to win a prize. I think it's my turn to win tonight since I haven't even made final table for one of them yet. I'll be bringing DBF's sweater sleeve with me (number 2!) to see if I can finish that tonight. It'll be close, but I realized that I have knit this sweater only while playing poker. Interpret: I have been playing so much poker that I have had time to knit an entire sweater. It's kind of cool that I'm almost done with it and the league ends tonight. There's a party for the league tomorrow night, so if I don't get it done tonight, I'll have to take it there and finish it so that it can truly be a poker sweater.

Knit on...

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ericah64 said...

Oh, the yarn looks great, and I'm drooling over your roving. I'm planning to spend time spinning next Friday, and I can't wait!