Tuesday, November 14, 2006

DBF Kicked Arse

Not arse, ass. He kicked ass last night. It was the final tournament of the Monday night poker league and DBF was the fourth highest chip stack starting out. He looked very much like he would go out pretty soon, but he is the master of the short stack, so he managed to come back and win the whole tourney! He won a two night stay at one of the local casinos and some gift certificates for food and stuff. I however went out with pocket queens. It seemed like a good idea to go all in with those, until the other guy flipped over pocket aces. At least I got beat by a better starting hand.

Today I have a doctor appointment, so I'm home, trying to relax before it. This doctor rarely ever has good news for me, so I don't like to go see him more than once a year. Hopefully it will be just a nice routine check up and no other "needs to be documented in a medical journal" things will come up. Anyways, I'll have pictures of the finished Dad cardigan (sewing on the buttons as I speak) tomorrow.

Knit on...

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ericah64 said...

I still don't understand poker, despite Hubby's MANY hours of playing online poker w/me next to him, but I DO know that pocket aces beats pocket queens. Bummer for you, Huzzah for DBF!