Monday, November 20, 2006


Yes, I walked out the door this morning and it was a winter wonderland. The ground was pretty well covered, the evergreen bushes stood out in contrast, and my car was covered with the big white flakes. It's nice wet snow too, so I really wanted to make a snowball off the top of my car and send it flying. Maybe later in the season :oP So now I'm sitting in front of my computer at work, wondering why I didn't just run back in the house and download the pictures of snow off my camera so I would have a picture for this post. Oh well, you'll see them tomorrow.

Friday, DBF and I stayed home and watched TV. He helped get me out of my bad funk at least, so that was good (still calling the doctor today to get a refill for the happy pills). Saturday we went and played in a Magic PTQ sealed event. I was given what looked like a God deck. Two Avatar of Woe, two Sudden Death, one Jaya, a Lighting Axe, a bunch of other red burn and black removal, and I thought it would win. Silly me, I went 0-2 drop. The cards looked pretty, but they sure played like crap. I think I built the deck just fine too, so I'm not sure why the deck hated me so bad. Oh well. DBF went 1-2 drop. So much for going to PT Geneva :oP We drove back home and went to go see the movie Happy Feet. Yeah, kids will love it, adults will fall asleep. Although it does have the late Steve Irwin playing an Elephant Seal, so go see if you can figure out which one he played.

Sunday we spent a good chunk of the day in the car, driving to pick up DBF's aunt. In the time that took, I finished his sweater and started on mom's cardigan and got a good chunk of the back panel done. Seeing as there is no poker this week, I should be able to get a lot of Christmas knitting done. Being off Thursday and Friday helps too!

So when we finally got back to my house, I had him try on the sweater. Everything looked fine except the neck. Good lord, the neck is awful. I actually cried it was so awful. I'll be trying to fix that tonight. It seems to be a little off-center (I probably didn't rip even rows out when fixing it the first time), and definitely too wide. I think that I will just pick up the stitches and decrease a few rounds and see what can be done that way. I'll try it on and see how it fits after that. If it'll look OK on me, it'll look OK on him. Overall, I wasn't too pleased with how it came out. I think I'll be knitting him another sweater in the future, but it'll definitely be made out of nicer yarn and definitely not that Cape Cod pullover pattern again. Oh well, nice thing about knitting is that you can always fix something. You may have to rip out 100 rows, but you can always fix it!

Knit on...

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