Monday, November 13, 2006


Yes, I finally got the picture thing worked out. I just gave in and brought my laptop in to work and burned a CD of the pictures this morning. Maybe I'll actually remember to download the pictures at night and burn a CD from home so I dont have to bring in my laptop. Anyways, here is the SnB birthday party at ReBelle:
Kim made chocolate cupcakes and loaded one with a bunch of squiggly candles. I was very entertained by the candles. We all devoured a good chunch of the cupcakes and then came the feeling time. Erica, this is for you:
Emily feeling the kid mohair/merino blend roving.

Kim pondering if she can run away with the roving. Sarah also was fondling the roving, but for some reason her picture did not make it on the CD. I don't know why, but if I can get it to burn on a CD, I'll post it. We all just wanted to put little ears on the roving and call it a pet, it's that soft. I have not spun that up yet since I was working on a couple of other rovings this weekend. I got four skeins of yarn done between Saturday and Sunday, now comes the fun part...dying them. We'll see how this turns out :oP

Saturday I went to my cousin's baby shower. She had the cutest cake:

Obviously she's having a little girl. I gave her the sari silk baby kimono and she loved it. She jokingly asked if she would be getting her own adult size for Christmas. I looked at the stash when I got home and decided that there is enough to make a little shrug, but not enough for a full size jacket, even though she is quite small. If I have time, I might make one after I get all the other presents done.

Spooky and I moved back in last night and Spooky had to check out the spinning wheel. I may have to move it in the other room because it apparently tastes good to her. Tonight is about Poker and trying to win a trip to the casino. I'll report more tomorrow :oP

Knit on...

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ericah64 said...

Ooooh, I love the fiber-fondling. Fiber Pr0n! ;-> Glad you enjoyed your bday gift. Can't wait to see what you spin w/it. I'm planning to spend a goodly chunk of my birthday spinning.

The baby cake is uber-cute, too.