Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Find A Cure

OK, so I normally don't post about fundraisers for organizations unless they are close to my heart. While going through my usual batch of knitting blog reads yesterday, I saw that Impossible Princess is doing a bike race to raise money and awareness for AIDS research. It just so happens that this is an issue close to my heart.

My cousin has been battling AIDS for nearly 20 years now. It's hard to believe that he's survived that long when you hear about all the cases of people dying so suddenly and rarely making it more than 10 years. He has been blessed with some truly great doctors around here who have helped him live a fairly normal life and a loving family who has supported him through these hard times. He's had some close calls in those 20 years and he's gone through some rough times mentally and physically. I love my cousin dearly and I will help him in his fight however I can.

I always donate to AIDS research every year, but when I saw the post on Impossible Princess' blog, I thought that this sounded good. First off, he's going to be in a huge bike race. It's something like 500 some odd miles of biking across the state of California. It's going to take some hard training, but it will raise awareness. He has to raise 2500 dollars to participate and is seeking donations from his knitting friends. So to raise money, he's opening up an etsy store where he will sell handmade items that he makes and other knitters send him. So, want to score some cool stuff and help a great cause? Go to his etsy store.

Why do I mention this so much? I'm going to be spinning up some red roving just for this cause. I will be spinning up 1/2 pound and will donate it to his store. Anything I can do to help raise awareness for this cause. So go visit his blog and consider donating. If you don't feel comfortable donating, go visit his etsy store once it's opened and buy some stuff and know that it'll be going to a good cause.

Knit on...

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Impossible Princess said...

Thanks so much for the post and I cant wait to see this roving you are spinning up!

Email me when you are done and ill send you my addie!