Monday, November 27, 2006

Giving Thanks and the Hummer

I had a pretty good Thanksgiving weekend this year. I travelled up to visit DBF's family for Thanksgiving day and ate way too much (as is expected at any Thanksgiving meal), lost 10 bucks at poker, and watched the movie Elf. Oh, and if you were wondering, I did get off at 1:30 on Wednesday :oP

So when we got up to his cousins' house, DBF cracked out the Hummer. So I now present, Boys and Toys:
DBF and his cousin play with the Hummer and then decide this:

DBF thought that baby Jesus would have liked to play with the Hummer. I have a feeling that this could be our Christmas card this year :oP

After putting the Hummer away (20 minute battery life), we socialized and ate, and then drove back home to hit a couple of sales. Circuit City was out of everything by the time we got there (DBF and I were not going to get up at 5 AM unless someone had PS3s), and Meijer didn't have a huge sale going on, although I did get a small present of cologne for my dad while we were there. Best Buy had the best deal that we saw all day and that was a 2GB SD memory card for 29 bucks. There were no mail-in rebates attached to that too, so that meant we saved 70 bucks on the spot. Woot!

Saturday we went to my family's Thanksgiving dinner and I once again ate too much. After the dinner we went to see a production of A Christmas Carol and it was pretty good. I had massive heartburn and stomach pain for most of the day, so we ran and got some Gaviscon and I drank a bunch of that to calm things down.

Sunday was a gorgeous day. We went and played some disc golf and I sucked majorly. After that we went to see Casino Royale. It was OK, but it's not my favorite Bond movie of all time by any means. I don't think I like this new guy that much, but he was OK. When we got home, DBF tried on his sweater after I made changes to the neckline and I took a picture of him in it. Blogger won't let me post anymore pictures now, so I'll post that picture either later today or tomorrow. Tomorrow may be for FO's anyways since I also finished mom's cardigan and now just need to sew the thing together and go buy one more set of buttons.

Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving. Hope you had a good birthday too, Erica!

Knit on...

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ericah64 said...

Yes, I did, thank you! Check my blog for a picture of the yarn I spun. Also, a hysterical yarn shop story.