Thursday, November 30, 2006


Um, yeah, so I took pictures last night with every intention of burning a CD this morning before work, and I was a lazy butt. What else is new? Tomorrow though, there will be pictures of all my WIPS and even an FO.

Last night I worked on my grandma's sweater some. It's the 5-hour raglan sweater pattern from It's very lightweight and loose which is what someone needs in Florida I think. Now, I'm not a big fan of lionbrand yarns, especially the moonlight mohair that the pattern calls for. 1, it's itchy and 2, it's expensive. So online I went to find a replacement (plus grandma said she wanted beige and they don't make moonlight mohair in beige) and of course my first yarn store of choice online is I went on there and saw the suri dream in a nice beige color and ordered 10 balls of it (seeing as the lionbrand pattern called for 12 balls and I know they always put down too much for me when I'm working a pattern). Instead of the incredible ribbon yarn that the pattern calls for, I used Homespun in a beige-ish color. With two strands of Suri Dream and one strand of homespun, I used the size 50 (yes, size 50, they're huge) and started working on the back of the sweater. I finished the back in about an hour. It's fluffy and nice and so soft. I think it would make a better blanket than a sweater, but for an almost 80 year old woman, it seems to be exactly what she wanted.

I also remembered that Wednesday is for spinning, so I grabbed some of the gray roving I have so much of and spun up a whole bobbin last night. I need to spin up another bobbin and get to plying, so I might do that tonight too. I was going to go to SnB tonight and I still might, but I want to see what the weather is going to do. I don't do well in storms. I have a litle anxiety over storms and it looks like we may get a doosy of one tonight, so we'll see. If it's not bad, I'll be going. I'm pretty sure I'm going to go tonight, just don't want to go out if it's storming like mad (yeah, night blindness and rainy streets are a no-no for me driving too). So send out good weather vibes so that I can drag my butt over to SnB tonight and get my knit on with the rest of the crew who I haven't seen in forever.

Pictures tomorrow, I promise.

Knit on...

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Holly Burnham said...

I'm anxious to see your gram's sweater. I'm not as brave as you in swapping out yarns...I must find more confidence.