Tuesday, November 28, 2006

One FO At Least

I would have two FOs to show you, but I didn't get mom's cardigan seemed last night. I had every intention of completing her cardigan last night until I checked my email and found out there was a free poker tourney that first gets 50 bucks and second gets 20 bucks, so I ditched seeming (I'm not dedicated enough, I know!) and tried to win 50 bucks. Yeah, not even final table for me last night, so I should have just seemed. Anyways, here's DBF's sweater that I mentioned yesterday:

It's hard to see the striping pattern, but seeing as this sweater never really liked to be photographed, it doesn't surprise me. I still think the neck is slightly wonky, but with a nice collared shirt, you'll never even be able to tell.

Tonight I really will seem up mom's cardigan. I also intend to start my grandmother's sweater too. I opened up the door to the office when I got home last night and there sat the spinning wheel. I almost cracked it out then, but I think I'll wait and spin on Wednesday when I can devote some time to it. Unless something changes, I will be making an appearance at the Thursday SnB which I have not been to in forever. I have to decide what to make for it too, any recipe suggestions? They need to be vegan preferably since we do have a few in the club.

In other news, I had a conversation with my doctor which has led to me getting a test after work tomorrow. My stomach has been really bothering me here recently and it reminds me a lot of the time I had an ulcer when I was younger. She thinks I may have another one, so I get to go drink the crap and do the x-ray test. She said she would like to avoid the scope (I whole-heartedly agree!) unless nothing shows up on the barium crap test. I've had this test before and it sucks, but it's easy and I just have to drink barium crap like 3 hours prior to the test. We shall see. I'm not too worried about it though since I have had this before and it all cleared up with a month of treatment with Aciphex. While the crap is expensive, it works like a charm, so hopefully it'll clear it right up.

Do I have to do work now?

Knit on...

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