Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Happy Birthday

While I still work out kinks with getting pictures burned onto CDs and then brought into work (apparently work computers can't read DVDs), I decided that I would dedicate this post to my DBF. Today is his birthday and I wish him the happiest day of his life (come on lottery winning!)

DBF and I have been dating for well over three years now. Those have been the happiest three years of my life without a shadow of a doubt. We met at a local game store where he and a few of his friends were playing the Star Wars TCG. I just saw dice, so I had to go see what the game was all about. I beat the first two guys and then came DBF. He utterly crushed me. I immediately liked him because he didn't take it easy on me. A few weeks later, I was supposed to go to Shakespeare in the Park to see Robin Hood (I know, it's not a Shakespearian play...) with one of my friends. Well, the card gamers played every Sunday and I had joined up with their group, so I was waiting to go to the play when my friend called. She tells me the absolutely horrible news that her mother had been trampled by a horse down in Georgetown and that she was going to the hospital to see her (her mom was fine, so don't worry). I came back in from the call and said, well, guess I won't go since I won't have anyone to go with me. In chimes DBF saying he'll go with me. It sounded good to me, so we went on our first date then. We've tried to go to Shakespeare in the Park every year since.

DBF is a strong competitor which works well with me since I'm also super competitive. He introduced me to the world of tournament Magic, tournament Star Wars TCG, Origins, and many other gaming related things as well as photography. He even puts up with this quirky yarn obsession that I have and the endless babbling that I go on and on about that I know he has no clue what I'm saying. He's good like that. He has also been there for me in many hard and difficult times. He was the one who encouraged me to get counselling when I started going through my severe depression. He was the only one who seemed to understand what I was going through and has been there for me every step of the way. He's held me when I've gone through anxiety attacks and he's just been there for me.

The past 3+ years have produced some of my greatest memories. I hope he realizes how much he's touched my life and I can only hope that I've touched his life as much. I can't imagine my life without him and I look forward each and every day to new memories that we will make with each other. Happy birthday, to the man that I love. DBF, you hold such a special place in my heart. Happy Birthday.


ericah64 said...


I was actually wondering if you'd get a ring for your birthday. Guess not. ;->

Bouvguy said...

Simmer down Ericah! There's a time and place for everything! :OP As for DGF, bloop bloop blu, bilp blop blip blop, blipidy blip blu! That song is just for YOU! Hope I didn't misspell anything. I love you too! DBF

Knitting Magic Girl said...

My day is now complete since I read the song :oP