Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Of Hangovers and Pokemon

OK, so last night I had a relaxing dinner with my grandparents, opened up some presents (got a new rolling yarn tote, PJ's, and a digital camera that takes much better pictures), then went to play poker at the league. I had already qualified for the final table for the Monday night league, so I mainly went there to play in side tables and drink. I had three malibus and coke, but I swear I felt like I had ten. I stayed at the poker joint much longer than I had intended, waiting for the effects to wear off (cheese sticks seemed to help this dramatically), then headed home.

Once home, Spooky started chewing on my feet. The rabbit has developed a foot fetish now and just seems to take great joy in chomping on toes. I took my socks off, thinking this would help, but instead she bit my toe. Dumb rabbit. She probably enjoyed it too. Anyways, I played Pokemon last night. I played that gamecube game and got stuck in one section that is driving me crazy. I'll probably go home this afternoon and breeze right through it since I won't have any alcohol in my system. Anyways...

Today is SnB over at ReBelle, so I'll be heading there at lunch. Kim has already said that she is bringing cupcakes in for the birthday celebration, so woot for cupcakes! I brought in my rolling tote to bring to SnB and carry Dad's ever growing cardigan sleeve. I'm hoping I can get it done today at lunch so that I can sew the sucker up and run over to Hancock Fabric before poker tonight. I need to qualify for the final tournament for the Tuesday/Thursday league. That is the best prize out of all of the prizes and it's the one tournament that I'm not qualified for! I just haven't been winning enough there I guess. So, I'll try and qualify so that DBF and I have a slightly better chance with two of us in there.

Tomorrow is for spinning. I will also have new pictures tomorrow. I brought the new camera with me, thinking that the computer here might be able to read it directly like it did the craptapulous one, but apparently I need to install Kodak software and of course, I can't do that since I'm not a computer administrator. I would hate to ask the IT guy to let me install it so I can put blogging pictures on my computer :oP I'll just download them at home and email them to myself.

Knit on...

And eat a cupcake!

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ericah64 said...

At least the rabbit didn't puke after she chewed on your toes. We will NEVER let my mom forget the time my cat nibbled on her toes, then turned around and threw up. NEVER.