Wednesday, November 01, 2006

In Remembrance

On the first of November, I always try to make white cakes if someone I know has died in the past year. This year I had two people who were very close to me die, so I made white cakes in honor of them:

Usually I just make cornbread, but this year I made white sweet cupcakes. They also turned out pretty good I might add. This tradition comes from Ireland and I'm one of the few people in the family who holds on to the make white cakes on Samhain tradition. I had my big Halloween meal last night with my friend Laura. While there were just two of us there for the food, I made place settings for the other two people (my aunt Marti and my friend Diane) and made sure they each had a cupcake. I took black icing and drew a symbol on each cake so that they would know who's was who's once they were set outside that night. On aunt Marti's, I drew a martini glass (it seemed appropriate) and on Diane's, I drew a musical note since she was always singing praises to God.

Laura made a couple of decorated cupcakes for her grandparents and we set them outside. I'm sure the birds will enjoy them today. The only thing that I was dissappointed about last night was the lack of kids coming by to trick or treat. I live in a neighborhood full of kids, and I think I may have had 10 if I even had that many. I brought this in to work today:

That is a giant gallon freezer bag full of candy. I still have half a cauldron left of candy at home, but I couldn't leave that many just sitting around there. I have a weakness for chocolate, so into work it went! I did save the two entire bags of smarties for DBF since I know he likes them so well. I also saved a few peanut butter cups for I need them...

On the bright side, I counted what I ate last night. All 25 flex points worth of candy even! I'm amazed, but I do still have 10 flexies left for the rest of the week. We'll see how long those last!

I was going to knit last night, but I ended up carving a pumpkin instead and then going to bed around 9ish. I couldn't believe that I went to bed that early. I guess I was just tired. I blame the rainy weather. Class got cancelled today, so I think I shall knit on lunch today and finish up DBF's front panel of his sweater. I would like to cast on the sleeves before going to play poker tonight. Yep, tonight is the big 100 dollar tournament. It's not the final tournament for the big trip, but it is free and we could win 100 bucks, so I'm in. I think I might even have a dry gin martini and say cheers to aunt Marti one more time.

Knit on...

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