Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Anger Out, Fiber In

I'm trying not to be one of those people who is just so angry about work that they let it stem over into other things. It gets hard when you have crazy shit happening all around you and you feel like you're utterly helpless in it, but I still try. One of the ways I manage my job anger is to go home and spin. I probably have karmically evil infused yarn because I channel my anger into the fiber. It's meditative to me to spin and just let the anger go. I feel like my anger is like the clump of raw fiber, just messed up and not aligned, but when I focus on it, I can turn it into something beautiful.

I've started to spin a lot more in the past few days. As a matter of fact, it's something I think about while at work. I go home and I want to immediately take out my wheel and get rid of the day's crap by spinning this fiber. So far, it's keeping me fairly sane (comment away on that one...).

This fiber has been wonderful to spin up so far. It's from Copper Moose, but I forget what colorway. Mom and Dad got that for me for Christmas and the five pound ball 'o fiber has been sitting in the bag since then. I neglected spinning for a while, and even though I have a giant slog, I still need to spin.

I know it's just a bobbin of singles, but it means a lot to me right now. I'm looking forward to the next bobbin and then to plying them. This yarn is going to turn into a sweater. I had planned on it being a sweater from day one, but the more I work with it, the more I know that it is destined to be what I orginally had planned for it.

I went to SnB last night too at Janes and we ate cheese, salmon dip, olives, and drank some good chardonay. It was a fun gathering as usual and for a few hours, I could forget about having to be here this morning. I'm now 3/4 done with the slog's sleeves.

Horrid picture, I know, but you get the general idea. I should be done with this sleeve tomorrow. After the sleeves are done, I just have the two front panels to do and then the collar once it's all sewn up. Once I get done with the sleeve, I really need to work on the socks for my grandmother. She comes in on Friday and I haven't even finished one yet. At least socks are fast.

Knit on...

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Dana said...

You know, I have a shawl right now that I'm working on that's a lot like therapy to me... so I understand what you are talking about when you say your spinning helps you get rid of anger. When I was at Disney with my (terrible) aunt, that shawl got HUGE! Really fast, too! I'm glad you've found an outlet, though- we all need one.