Monday, May 14, 2007

Moving, Mother's Day, and Survivor

I packed up some more stuff this weekend for the move. The owners of the house are back this weekend, but as I found out last night, are also coming in on Tuesday to drop off some stuff and leave one of their cars. Blah. I'll be very glad to get out of this house. I'll miss the privacy for sure, but I'll be glad to be out of there. Hopefully nothing else major breaks or happens this week.

The socks I was making on here were for my mom. She got them and said that she liked the material a lot and that they fit her well. I'm glad that they fit since I am an awful judge of shoe size since I'm sitting over here with size 12 feet. Yep, just call me big foot.

Saturday, DBF and I went out to eat with my grandparents and great grandparents for Mother's Day. It was a nice lunch and it stuffed us all, even though we all still managed to eat some dessert. Sunday, DBF and I went out to dinner with his mom and some of his family and we gorged ourselves at a buffet. I managed to make myself fairly miserable, but it was relieved courtesy for cheesecake that must have had egg in it. At least it freed up some space :oP I'm still amazed at how quickly it hits me now that I'm off all the stomach meds.

Last night was the Survivor season finale. I won't say who won in case some people reading this taped it or haven't heard yet. All I will say is that the person I wanted to win finished fourth. Oh well.

I also knit on the slog. It's time to shape the armholes on it. Depending on how much cleaning I get done after work or if I go running after work, I'll work on the armholes at poker. If I don't get stuff done before poker, then I'll just stay home and clean and hit poker tomorrow night.

Anyways, pictures of the slog tomorrow. It really is huge now.

Knit on...

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Fleecy Knits said...

Re: Survivor - I think the person we *all* wanted to win finished 4th. I was bummed too.

Sarah (fellow Slogger)