Friday, May 18, 2007

The Joy of Work

Happy, happy. Joy, joy. I'm at work this morning, but I really thought about calling in after yesterday. Recently, it's just been one thing after another it seems.

Anyways, I won't get into it right now. It's too long and I don't feel like typing that much :oP On the bright side, I did finish the first sleeve on the slog last night. I'm going to start the first front panel this weekend and hopefully I'll get a good chunk done. I'm not allowing myself to start anything else until I get done with this slog. Believe me, I have lace yarn and lace patterns just sitting there, taunting me, so I really need to get the slog done.

I'm running in a 5k tomorrow. The first 5k I ran in a month ago, I was so excited about running in it. This one, not so much. I'm not looking forward to it after my past two runs feeling like crap. Hopefully I can run the whole thing, but I'm not going to kill myself over it if I need to walk this time. There will be other 5ks that I can run the whole way on :oP

So I just need to get through today at work and then I can have two whole days where I can forget about it. Knitting and spinning really helps when stuff like this happens. I even spun up a bobbin of yarn last night. I'll probably go back to my old Wednesdays are for spinning routine as of next week so that I can crank out some yarn. I'm spinning up the wool that mom and dad got me for Christmas. It's spinning up so pretty and very even, so I'm thrilled with it right now. It's going to be a worsted weight, but if I wanted to, this yarn could be spun up much thinner and probably go down to a sock yarn weight. However, I have dreams for this yarn to be a sweater from Inspired Cable Knits, so worsted weight it is! :oP

And I need to not buy any roving. I was looking at roving yesterday online and I saw some I really wanted. I think the Yarn Harlot's sock yarn has me thinking of bright colors...

Knit on...

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