Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Bunny and the Slog...and a SnB

So yesterday at noon, I went over to meet Kim for SnB. It seems like it had been forever since I saw her. She does look much happier now that her Spring classes are over. But while we were there, we were getting a new chick hooked on crochet.

By the time the meeting was over, she had her first row of single crochet down. She was pretty even tensioned and everything! Now we just need to take her to ReBelle and see what happens :oP

While at SnB, I enlisted Alexandra's help to photograph the almost finished back of the slog.

Told you it was big...

Anyways, after I went running with Rebecca and stopped by my grandparents to do a little unpacking (figured I would get as much unpacked before I bring over the final load of clothing and crap sometime this week), I came home and spent the rest of the evening like this:

Knitting and giving the bunny some foot lovin'. I finished the back of the slog and laid it out on the floor for Spooky to inspect. She really didn't know what to think of the blanket-like thing.
She shunned it and went back to the carpet. However, my other plan didn't work out so well. See, my feet were tired from running and rubbing the bunny that I hid them under the slog. Turns out bunnies have a good sense of where something is hiding...

So I put Spooky up and went to bed. Terribly exciting evening, I know :oP I cast on for the first sleeve last night because I needed something I could finish quickly so that I don't go insane. The back of the slog nearly made me go insane, so much so that I bought lace yarn. I can't have that happening again right now (I'm broke), so sleeve it is!

Knit on...

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