Tuesday, May 29, 2007

More Fiber In Your Diet

This weekend was about fiber and taking it easy. On Friday, I left work early to go pick up my grandmother from the airport since she was coming up here for a visit. After dropping her off, DBF and I tried to go see Pirates, but so did everyone else in town, so we just took it easy instead that night. Saturday, DBF surprised me and proved how good of a boyfriend he is! I went over to his house and he tells me to look in the paper because he saw something called Llama Daze. I looked, and it was a small llama and alpaca fiber festival just a few miles away. He asked if I wanted to go and of course I said yes. We went to see llamas. Medium llamas.
Baby llamas!
Adult llamas that looked interested in spitting on us...Heck, we even got to pet llamas!

What's that bag I'm holding? Yeah, I bought a huge bag of llama fiber from a llama named Razzleberry. Razzleberry won third best fiber in the state this past year, so I was happy.

After the fiber-filled lunch hour, we went to the horse park to look around and saw something other than horses.

These were the first goslings that DBF and I had seen all year. They were cute. The parents didn't seem to like that we were sneaking closer to them though. After the horse park, we went to see Pirates and actually got in that time. It was OK, but I liked the first two better.

Sunday we went to church, had lunch, then went to see Grindhouse at the dollar movie. Yeah, glad it was just a dollar. It was interesting how it was old-ish looking, but the movies kinda sucked, especially Deathproof. I like Tarantino movies too, but compared to Kill Bill, it just wasn't doing it. Yesterday we played disc golf and celebrated DBF's sister's birthday, so of course we ate too much.

I finished a sock this weekend too.

One more to go and then I can give these to my grandma. She liked the colors in it. I also did some spinning. I spun up three skeins of the blue wool my mom and dad gave me for Christmas and I just loved it. It really has a nice feel. It's the blended fiber from Copper Moose.
I was trying to get a worsted weight out of it, but after plying, the yarn really poofed out and I managed to get a bulky-ish weight out of it. I also did some spinning on the llama fiber and managed to complete two skeins of that.

Llama is a little scratchy, but this turned out fairly soft. I'll have to see how much I'm able to get out of the bag before I try to figure out what to make out of it. We'll see.

Hope everyone had a good long weekend.

Knit on...

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