Friday, May 25, 2007

A Long Weekend Ahead

I love the promise of long weekends. I really like the fact that come Monday, I won't have to drag myself out of bed, but rather can sleep in as long as possible and enjoy the time away from this place. A lot happened yesterday at work and I was reassigned to another department temporarily because they are so far behind and I'm one of the few here who knows how to do their work plus my own. Anyways, at least I'll be busy.

I get a half day today too because my grandma is flying in from Florida for a visit. I did not get her pair of socks done. I only got half of the first sock done, but she'll be up here a month and I'm sure I can finish a pair of socks. I'll be only working on those knitting-wise until they're done. Then it'll be back to the slog.

Speaking of the slog, I finished the second sleeve.

Two sleeves and the back panel are done. Just two front panels and I'll be able to sew this sucker up, get my money, and never speak of it again...

I forgot to mention that I bought a skein of sock yarn while at ReBelle on Tuesday. It's Lorna's shepherd sock in the Black Purl colorway.

Mostly I picked it up in honor of the new Pirates movie coming out this weekend. I am fascinated with the subtle color shift in this yarn though.

This yarn is just hanging out on my desk right now so that whenever I get stressed, I can pet it and feel better :oP

And here's Grandma's half a sock.

I'll probably be blogger-less on Monday since I'll be home, but I'll be back on Tuesday for sure. Have a good long weekend to those who get it!

Knit on...

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