Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Slog en Macro

I was having difficulty getting the slog to cooperate for photography purposes, so today I present Slog en Macro in order to illustrate why I am so giddy this morning despite having cleaned all last night and part of this morning since the home owners are coming back today to drop off some stuff.
Is that what I think it is? Could it be???
Yes! It is! An armhole decrease! I am 6 more inches away from being done with 1/3 of the slog (a third for the back, one for the two front pieces, and one for the sleeves)! 45 inches are done! 45 inches are done! I am entirely too happy to be saying this. Another reason I am happy this morning?
A new sock is on the needles. The yarn is some sort of Opal that I traded some needles for with Jane from SnB. These socks will be going to my grandmother who is coming up here in a few more days.

If they weren't going to her, they'd be going to me, kinda like the socks I made for my mom. I really need to hop over to Stone's Throw sometime and pick up another ball of that Sockotta cotton blend.

I sucked at poker last night, so no stories to tell about that. I'm almost done with the move now too, so there will be much sighing of relief this weekend when the last of my stuff gets moved out of that house. While I enjoyed the privacy, I had too much crap break and annoyances from the homeowners, so I'll be glad to head out.

Tomorrow, there will be better pictures of the slog in its full view. I will get Kim to help me photograph it today at SnB.

Knit on...

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asterpurl said...

yay yay armhole!
Thanks for the happy b-day wishes!