Friday, May 11, 2007

A Growing Slog

Ok, I worked on the slog yesterday while playing poker and it's now 31 inches long. 10 more inches and I can start doing armhole decreases. The good news is that it's half way done now! Woot! Well, at least the back is half way done. I'm more excited about the front panels and the sleeves since they will have cables in them and that will keep me occupied.

I ordered some knitpicks lace yarn (shimmer- tourquois splendor) yesterday morning and made a special order of Helen's Laces too, so I'll compare which lace will make me happiest with this shawl. Worse-case scenario, I'll have extra yarn and will be forced to do more lace knitting :oP I'll have enough lace to knit to keep me busy for the next 3 years.

My stomach finally calmed down after the Indian food experiment on Wednesday. I couldn't believe how long my stomach churned because of that. I don't think there was anything in there that I was allergic too, I just think it was the spices and the way it lingered that got me. Anyways, all is better in the stomach world.

Knit on...

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ericah64 said...

Oh, you'll love the Shimmer! I used it in that exact colorway for a scarf for my SIL whose fave colors are turquoise & black. I have a hank of Helen's Lace in the Vera colorway, but I haven't used it yet.