Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Finished Socks and a New One on the Needles

OK, here's the finished Lavender Storm socks.
Normally I would hate socks that don't match, but these don't bother me. I may move on to more hand-dyed yarns from now on. Are they Spooky approved?

But of course. A scratch proved this. I wore them to work yesterday and they fuzzed up a little around the bottom of the foot. I don't know if this is a merino thing or if it's just this particular superwash merino yarn. I bought the yarn off Etsy eons ago, so don't ask me who I bought it from. They were featured on the Harlot's blog when I bought it.

My next sock is out of Plymouth Sockotta yarn. I forgot to write down what the color is, but here's a picture.

That's pretty true to color too, but the blue is a little more tealish in real life. So far I like how it's working up.

The monster slog you ask? Where is that? Why, it's on the floor, gathering dust because I have no desire to work on it. I will get some work done on it tonight, I really will. I'm going to be taking a half day today so that I can go home and study for my final exam tomorrow morning. I'm also going to start doing some packing. The home owners are coming back the middle of this month, so I have to get out of there and have the house cleaned by the time they come back. I was a little aggravated by them this morning because they felt the need to request of me that the house be cleaned before they get back. They know me pretty well, so I'm not sure why they felt that they needed to tell me to clean the house. They should know me enough to know that I'm not going to leave them a messy house. Oh well.

Tomorrow, I will have a stash sale. I'm getting pictures this afternoon. If you want some good buys on some good yarn, check back tomorrow. I just have to weed through what I want and what I don't have room for. I'll be keeping all my sock yarn, but now that I'm spinning, I've been making yarn for any project I have other than socks. Anyways, sale tomorrow! Tell all your friends :oP

Knit on...

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