Monday, March 27, 2006

Ah, the blahs are gone

So I apparently just needed to see the light of day to get rid of the blahs. I don't know why I was feeling that way, but once I got some sunshine, I started feeling much better. Mind you, it wasn't much sunshine, but it was a little. Walking from the car to the movie theater does count.

DBF and I went to see V for Vendetta this weekend. I really liked the movie. You can take it as just an action movie, or you can read into it more for a political commentary. Very interesting. Go see it and you'll see what I mean. I now want one of those masks too. I wonder who might be selling them.

OK, so you're wondering what the deal is with Niv Mizzet up top, huh? I played Magic yesterday and tried out the new Niv deck I built. Yeah, mana acceleration needs to be added. It's just too darn slow. But I did get it to go off once yesterday, and when it did, man did the damage fly. The dragon is just good with certain combinations. Never thought I'd find a use for some cards that are in this deck either. It was fun. I also copied a red/green Gruul deck and it's uber fast. Might tweak it some and get it ready for some tournament play. Let's just say I need to get ready for a big event coming up.

DBF and I won't make it to the Dissension pre-release like we hoped because we have a photography weekend to get to that same weekend and we already have room reservations which are non-refundable. Oh well. Hopefully we'll get to the release tournament instead. Why did they have to come out with Coldsnap and bump the Dissension pre-release up a week. Oh well.

On the knitting scene, I worked a little bit more on the paradise fish sweater and got another inch done on my sock. I also started crocheting some charity scarves. I have all this acrylic yarn sitting around, so I decided to make a bunch of scarves and donate them to a homeless shelter who always takes them and gives them to their patrons. As long as it helps someone.

That was pretty much my weekend. I enjoyed getting to play Magic finally. I need to work on some more decks now. I also need to finish the front panel of that paradise fish sweater so that I can get to work on the back. I'd like to finish it pretty soon. I know that won't happen, but you never know when I'll have some free time and can do that. Well, gotta get to work.

Knit on...

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