Friday, March 03, 2006

Sari Silk yarn

I love this yarn. It's so nice. I was given a skein of the unrefined silk and a skein of the millefiori yarn and I made these two little scarves. The first one is the unrefined and it went to DBF's mom. The second is the midas millefiori yarn and it went to a friend of mine.

I just found out that Knit 1 Purl 1 is going out of business! I can't believe that! They're having a sale! Can I use any more !!!'s? I may have to go over there soon and see what they have left. Like I need more yarn...

If I get more yarn, I'll post about my yarn porn obsession. I have to go get taxes done tomorrow too. Blah.

Oh, I finished the pieces of my sweater. Now I just have to block and sew it together. I'll be wearing it on Monday. Whoo-hoo! I'll post a picture of that. I might even post a picture of me holding yarn while wearing my new sweater :oP

I was reading the harlot's blog today and she was talking about things you learned while doing the KO. I learned that to finish a sweater, you have to be fully dedicated. You can't rely only on lunch breaks at work to finish it. Oh, and if you have sick time, use it to knit! Gotta prioritize what you use your sick time for after all.

Well, I guess I will finish up for today.

Knit on...

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