Monday, March 20, 2006

What is a paradise fish?

OK, I've had some emails already asking what a paradise fish is. For those of you who are too lazy to google it, here's a picture. This is a male blue paradise gourami. They are also known as paradise fish. They are in the same family as the betas or siamese fighting fish. They are pretty aggressive, especially the males. Knit seems to like to beat up on Purl some, but she will only take so much before she flares up those gills and fights back.

OK, so there ya go. If you want to learn more about paradise fish, go google it :oP

I just spent a nice lunch hour knitting on my paradise fish sweater. It's 11 inches long now for the front panel. I'll post the pattern once I figure out what I want to do with it. Gotta love original stuff, you never know what the pattern is until the very end :oP

Well, back to work...

Knit on...

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