Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Darn Chocolate

OK, an email from a good friend of mine just got my butt motivated. Thank you, Rebecca! She asked how I was doing on Weight Watchers. Not too good actually. Why does chocolate taste so good? Why do I crave it all the time? OK, so here it is, I'm motivated. I just created a new WW blog called Motivation Comes in Many Sizes. It's true, especially if you are a knitter.

Remember the gorgeous Pia yarn from Italy. It's being made into a form-fitting sweater. I need to lose the gut before it is time to finish it. I'm intentionally making it a little snug so that it will motivate me to slim down some. If I'm spending that much time on a sweater, it better look good on me.

So anyways, there's my WW rant for the day. You can check out my new WW blog at http://magicknitsdiet.blogspot.com or click the link on the sidebar. Darn chocolate!

Knit on...

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