Thursday, March 30, 2006

So, looking at the new issue of Vogue Knitting...

I have two projects I for sure want to make. I better lose a little more weight though, else these will look like crap. I'm working on it though. Three good days in a row, working on number 4! Anyways, here's some pictures of what I want to make. First is the cover of the new magazine.

Then comes a corset top. I just love the coloring on this one. I must find yarn to make it. I must use up the yarn I have now since I'm not allowed to buy anymore until I use up the stash. I could probably use that cotton chenille for something like

I really like this little cami. It's flirty and fun and it looks sexy. Now I just have to remind myself that the model has no boobs and I do, so I'll have to make some room for me. I'd rather have the problem of having too big of boobs than no boobs at all.

OK, so what about the rest of my current projects? I'm almost done with the front panel of the paradise fish sweater. I'm at about 20 inches now, so just another couple of inches and it's on to the back. I still have not decided how the heck to work the sleeves. Looks like another Kim consultation there. The sock has about 3-4 inches done on it and I haven't picked it up since last Friday. I've got about 2 feet on a crocheted kid's scarf for one of my little cousins. Once I finish that one, I have to make another one for the other little cousin so that they can match and not fight over who gets to wear the rainbow scarf.

So, DBF created the owling mine deck for Magic last night...I got beat by it once, but it was not fun when I did get beat by it. That deck is mean. Now I need to work on my black/white life gain deck. I found the list here at work, so it's just time to pull cards and sleeve up. Gotta get stuff ready for this weekend. There's a gaming convention that we'd like to go to. Since I can't buy any more yarn, looks like I'll be buying more Magic cards instead :oP I need more Ravnica, Champions, and Core apparently.

OK, I need to start working. We've got a deadline to meet by Friday, so that means lots of tracing for me. Fun fun.

Knit on...

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