Friday, March 17, 2006

We drink green beer in honor of this guy...

Meet St. Patrick. He's the patron saint of Ireland alongside St. Brighid. While Brighid might actually be the Irish goddess in Catholic disguise, St. Patrick seems to be an actual person who did exist. So, what's with the driving snakes out of Ireland legend? He converted the country to Christianity, so he drove out the pagan snakes. There ya go. Have some green beer now.

I'm partial to Brighid since I'm a woman, but Patrick is pretty cool too. I'm 50% Irish thanks to my mom's side of the family, so I definitely have some ties there. So in honor of that, I'm wearing green, knitting a green sweater, and will go drink green beer for lunch.

I did bind off the evil french market bag today. I think it would make an interesting rug based on how it looks pre-felting. I hope this turns out all right. It's for a birthday present, so if it doesn't, I'll send it to her anyways with a scarf for apology :oP

I saw Kim yesterday and she got to see the Furry Beast, aka the purple sweater I made out of homespun yarn. She also got to see the green Pia yarn and the new merino superwash yarn I picked up the other day with Kathy.

What, you mean I have to actually work on St. Patrick's day? I have red hair, green clothing, and green beer...I should get the day off! Blah. Back to the squiggly lines. Damn deadlines.

Knit on...and have some Guiness...

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ericah64 said...

We shall have some Guinness at a party at Hubby's work, then off to ice cream for Thing Two's bday (big bowling party tomorrow). Happy St. Patty's Day!