Wednesday, June 21, 2006

DBF won a Hummer!

I couldn't believe it when he emailed me this morning. He won a Hummer! Here's a picture of it:

OK, yes it's remote controlled and it's not big enough for us to drive in, but DBF won a Hummer! :oP

There's a long story behind him winning this, but it involves the poker league that we play in. I completely sucked arse last night, so I went home at 9 and did some knitting on the baby kimono then went to bed. I will try to get pictures tonight of the WIPs and the finished blue tee (which looks really cute on the hanger I might add....). Aparently after I left, the luck started flowing for DBF in the second tournament. They had 47 people play, so the Hummer became the top prize.

DBF was down to just one 500 buck chip and came back and won the whole shibang. Of course he chose the Hummer. I'm sure the playboy poker book looked appealing earlier in the night until the Hummer came up for grabs. I wish I would have been there to cheer him on and see him win it, but he didn't get home until 2:30 AM and I had already been asleep for 4 hours by then :oP

In other Knitting Magic Girl news, the baby kimono is now over 1/2 way done. I didn't work on the purple shawl anymore last night either. I'm going to try to knock out a pair of voodoo wrist warmers today while scanning so I can use up the last 1/2 ball of lamb's pride worsted (not the one up for grabs in the contest!). Speaking of the contest, you only have a few more days to enter! So far, I think just about everyone entered is going to win something, so the chances are really good for you!

Will someone please buy me a spinning wheel or sell me one really cheap? I am using my drop spindle and I know this would go faster if I had a wheel. I'm finally producing an even yarn now. By the time I get done spinning this roving, I'll have around 16 ounces of worsted weight wool to use. I have no clue what to use it on, but I'm thinking that I just might make a sweater (who here is surprised by that!?) with a modified pattern from the latest issue of Creative Knitting. It's the herringbone tank, but I think I'll add some sleeves in that pattern as well.

We also have a construction crew outside of our building. They're driving me crazy with the jackhammering. I'll need to get away at lunch for Stitch and Bitch for sure!

Knit on...

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trek said...

Too cool - and it gets gerat mileage.