Thursday, June 15, 2006

Half-way through the yarn vomit

Kathy and I at work decided I should do a comic strip about the yarn vomit. If the other skein of merino turns out like this one did after untwisting it, I will. If not, it's a hell of a lot of work to make a cute thing.

On my lunch break, I wound merino and I untangled merino, then I crocheted some of the last sleeve of my blue betrayer sweater, and then I repeated the process. Yes, it's a very productive day. I've heard this syndrome called Head and Butt disease. My head is on the golf course, but my butt is still sitting here at work. How to remedy this? Wind yarn of course!

Have you noticed that cozies are all the craze right now? I was looking at my belly roll after eating cheetos and slim-fast for lunch (nutritious, I know!) and I thought about wipping up a belly cozy...decided against that. I blame it on head and butt disease.

I also looked through the latest issue of knit.1. What happened? I only found one pattern that I found half-way decent and even then, I'm not going to make it into a sweater. I really liked the guitar motif sweater and have decided that mom needs a pillow with that design on it for Christmas. She's very particular about clothing, so I try to avoid making her stuff she won't wear. Knit.1 used to be a fairly good magazine. It's been going downhill ever since that Men's issue with the centerfold holding his big needles (still thought that was a sad excuse for an issue. If I were a male knitter, I would be very angry). The pirate issue last time was a joke. This issue is just crap.


Not sure. Is it because crochet is the next big thing?

I couldn't resist...

Knit on...

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