Thursday, June 01, 2006

Thunderstorms and more thunderstorms

Yep, yesterday was all about the lightning and thunder here at work. About 3:00 in the afternoon, I started to hear some rumbling in the distance. By 3:15, we were getting hit by lightning strike after strike. I tried to pop on the internet to see what was going on and I get the window open and bzzzt, computer fries. Great, there goes that project I've been working on the past two months...blah.

So with nothing to do until the IT guy gets here, I go next door and see what's going on. Meg and I stand by the giant window and watch monsoon-like winds blow by. Seriously, I haven't seen rain go horizontal since I was in Florida for hurricane Charlie. We started seriously contemplating going downstairs when the storm stopped as abruptly as it started. The computers all came to life again and life at the geology survey continued.

I went to dinner last night with my friend Laura. It was fun. Laura is all stressed about moving this weekend. She's moving closer to where she works so that she can save money and gas getting to and from her jobs. The original plan was to go to a movie, but she didn't think she could stay awake for a 3 hour DaVinci Code movie. Since I have already seen the movie, that was fine by me. We finished up dinner and headed to Meijer's to pick up a few things she needed for her new apartment. While there, I of course looked at the yarn...damn are they overpriced for their stuff! Crappy acrylic yarn for over 2.50 a skein?!!? Whatever.

The score of the night was a new pair of jeans for me. While making our way to the checkout line, I spotted a sale rack. Never let me near a sale rack...There before me were 40 buck jeans marked down to 11.87. Hm...I took a look and most were size 30 and up, but there in the back was a pair of 15/16 jeans that called out to me. I go to the register and pay for them and turns out they were only 9 bucks instead!

Score one for Knitting Magic Girl!

So Laura went home and I decided to run to Big Lots to look around some before heading home. Why did no one tell me that Big Lots is selling yarn now? Why did they have fun fur and fancy fur for only 1.99 each...why did they have italian ladder yarn for only 1.99 each? How in the hell did I come out of there with no yarn? :oP

Yes, that's right, I managed to not buy any yarn. Woot for me!

I'm done with the front panel of my crochet boatneck tee now, so it's on to the second panel. It's uber soft and I want it to be done so that I can wear it. Hopefully it will turn out nice. It's shaped more than most sweaters I've made. We'll see. I'll try to get some pictures soon. And why won't blogger let me upload pictures today?

Well, I better get my butt to work. Time to redo all the stuff I've been doing the past 2 months on this project. Blah.

Knit on...

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