Friday, June 02, 2006

Random Musings and a Contest!

OK, here's a few random musings for you that have come up between yesterday and today.

First, have you heard? Crochet is the next big thing! If I hear one more person say that to me while I'm crocheting this tee, I'm going to hook their eyeball out. I was talking to Zabet yesterday and she said I should organize the first crochet in public day so that I could just say, you know, crochet is the next big thing!

Second, when coming off Lexapro, you are very alcohol sensitive. Yeah, 1/2 a rum runner last night and I was snockered. That's really unusual for me. Seemed to work well since I finished second in the poker tournament despite the med withdraw.

Third and finally, I am walking in the American Diabetes Association walk for a cure tomorrow. I have raised money and I'm walking for the local college team. This is a big university and we've only raised 2600 bucks combined. That's really rather sad...What could be even sadder you ask? To reach our goal of 3000 bucks, we're having a bake sale...does anyone else see the irony of having a bake sale of non-sugar-free stuff to raise awareness about diabetes? I guess we'll give people type 2 diabetes to help raise awareness for it!

My mom has type 1 diabates also known as juvenille diabetes because it usually manifests when the person is very young. She's had it since she was 14, so she's dealt with this for most of her life. In honor of her, I'm having a little contest. You have a month. I declare June as Knitting Magic Girl's Diabetes Awareness Month! If you comment under this post telling about someone you know who has diabetes, I will enter your name in a drawing. On July 3, after I get back from a vacation, I'll draw a name from the list. Whoever is picked will win...drumroll please...

Three balls of recycled sari silk yarn! They are already wound into center pull balls. Each is approximately 100 grams of silk goodness. It's enough to make a very pretty scarf or some other accent piece. I personally love this silk because it adds a little splash of color to a plain item.

OK, all you have to do is comment here with your name and some way I can know who you are for a drawing such as your blog address or initials or something. You could also comment with your email address too if you want. Just write about someone you know who has diabetes and how this has affected your life or that person's life. Contest begins now!

Knit on...

More prizes now added! Prizes include: 3 balls sari silk, one 200 gram ball lamb's pride worsted in spring garden colorway, beaded stitch markers, 100 dragon shield card sleeves, and a 20 dollar gift card to bath and body works!


ericah64 said...

My Nana (my mom's mom) had adult-onset diabetes. She was quite the partier in her younger days and simply refused to give up drinking when she was diagnosed. She said she would allow herself one drink -- actually two half-strength drinks -- a day. Sooo, every time she came to visit, my parents had to make sure they had a jug of Cutty Sark on hand (I can totally picture the green bottle & yellow label). They didn't drink the stuff themselves, so one jug would last several years (Nana only came to visit every other year). I also remember her sugar-free tin roof sundae ice cream and the sugar-free Lorna Doone cookies my mom would buy when Nana was coming to visit, but mostly I remember the Cutty Sark. Amazingly, my mom and her sisters don't have diabetes, and neither does anyone in my generation, though I was borderline with gestational diabetes.

Anonymous said...


Lynne said...

My mother and her dad had diabetes, as does her brother, but recently my husband has been diagnosed with it, which I was not expecting. He's doing what the doctor tells him to so far, but I'm concerned.

Fríða said...

hi there Knitting Magic Girl! My son, now 22, has had diabetes (type 1) since he was 10 years old. We have had some rough spots, mostly when he was in his teens, but now he is doing very well and being very responsible. I am grateful for all you people out there who are fighting for a cure, though unfortunately I think we have to realize that that will not happen in our lifetime, but it will benefit the future. Of course I worry about his future, will he get complications with the side-effects, will he have social difficulties because of this.. etc. In the meantime I´m happy for the time we´re having where everything is going well.
best wishes from Iceland

PlumpKnitter said...

My cousin recently passed away from diabetes, she was fighting it her whole life. I never really understood what she went through. I couldnt even imagine what it's like. I knew she craved foods she couldnt have, and had to fight with herself and her family to be strong and resist. The daily shots and later the automatic insulin injections that were an everyday thing. The comas when her body failed. The hospitol stays. All I can do now is just sit here in awe and pride at how she endured for so long. She lost her battle at the age of 26. But she left her family with a strong impression of a life that was fought for and loved. She left her newborn nephew with a Life Book made by her hand. She left me with a new awareness of what others with this disease is going through. Everyone that is fighting this battle and is a supporter has my prayers. This is just a Thank You to my cousin for the battle she fought for so long. She has my love and my respect. As do all of you.

Ginny said...

My PawPaw (my dad's dad) just developed diabetes last year. I think it's part of a general decline in his health now that he is in his 70s, but it still makes me sad.

In the 1950s and '60s, he was a professional wrestler and traveled the world. When I think of him, I always see him as a strong, tall man who could swing me up in the air.

Now, he's lost so much weight and his memory is going. He's having a hard time dealing with the diabetes because he's not dealing with any of his health issues (heart problems, memory problems, etc.) well.

Thank you for doing the diabetes walk. Good luck!

DDM said...

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